15000 Drummers in Assam Literally Shake the Ground And Set a Record

On an effort to set a record, on January 6th this new year, on the outskirts of the small town of Jorhat in the state of Assam, a group of more than 14,000 drum players recently gathered to play together the traditional Assamese music instrument of khol; which is similar to drums.

The artists taking part came from different states of Northeast India such as Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh, creating a diversified setting. Creating a record, they played for fifteen minutes and the melodic beats could be heard from far away, with observers reporting that the ground had literally shaken. Traditional attires of ancient musicians were worn by the participants, along with a turban known traditionally as ‘Khekerupatiya Pag‘. The artists played a total of six standing postures of the khol.

The event’s intention has been to promote the culture of Assam and was organized by Srimanta Sankardev Sangha, a society which devotes itself to spreading the teachings of Sankardeva, the saint who has contributed to Assamese culture some of the greatest literary and artistic pieces, at par with any of the classic works of the world.

Observers from the India Book of Records were present during the event and had immediately handed over certificates at the ending ceremony. The passionate men and women involved now wait for recognition from the Guinness Book of Records and the good news is, reports of this event have already been forwarded to the guys at Guinness.

Khol Musicians, Assam, NOrth East India

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