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Greetings from Greener Pastures!

If you have been reading this blog, we guess you’d be wondering how to reach Northeast India. Being die-hard travel enthusiasts ourselves, we perfectly understand how a traveler feels when he reads about places he  has not been to.

We are glad to let you know that we organize customized and specialty tours to exotic destinations of North East India. In the experiences we offer, we assure the hospitality of a friend and the services of passionate experts.

To browse through our itineraries, you can visit our main website at Greener Pastures.

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Here are a few ideas to help you decide your Northeast India trip –

1. Wild Animals and Birds.

2. Discovering forgotten ancient kingdoms.

3. Living with the many tribal indigenous communities.

4. Climb unexplored mountains and trek in the Himalaya’s.

5. Fishing the elusive Golden Mahseer.

6. Go river rafting in the deadliest rapids of the world.

7. Stay in the many heritage style tea bungalows and enjoy sipping on one of the best tea’s of the world, midst the company of lush green tea gardens.

8. Go caving in the many caves of the region, many of them unexplored. Who knows what you may end up finding.

9. Sail in the mighty Brahmaputra River, with the Himalaya’s lingering in the horizon.

10. Visit the largest river island of the world, and learn about the distinct culture of Love followed by its inhabitants.

11. There are many virgin places still not known to explorer’s. Be the first to find them.

We hope our writing inspires you to travel to North East India. Hopefully someday with your help, Greener Pastures might be able to achieve it’s ecotourism objectives of promoting conservation and sustainability in the region.

Do feel free to contact us if there is anything else.

Lets hope for an awesome and fun filled 2012 for everybody!