Photo Of The Day – Inside An Apatani House


Apatani-Tribe-House-Elder-Ziro-Arunachal-PradeshOne of our guides has just returned from a trip to the Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh and has thought of contributing this photograph. Taken inside the house of an Apatani Tribe; who are the main residents of Ziro, the picture shows two Apatani elders warming themselves in an open oven in a gloomy cloudy day. Some of these elders are the last of the tribe who still display the ancient Apatani way of wearing large nose plugs and tattoos. Though marvelous; a testimony of an incredible culture, in a few decades, this tradition will completely disappear.

Our Central Arunachal Pradesh Tour of Tribes is a great introduction to these faraway lands, where apart from the Apatanis, you’ll also meet many other fascinating tribes of the region.

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