The Aoling Festival of the Konyak Tribe – An Invitation

Aoling Festival Tour of Konyak Tribe - Nagaland Tourism

We are quite excited about our latest tour, which deals with visiting the Aoling Festival in Nagaland, celebrated by the Konyak Tribe. Once the deadliest of Asian headhunters, today, the tribe lives peacefully in the verdant  hills around Mon, and practice a rather lazy lifestyle which involves agriculture, hunting, drinking and smoking opium; a tradition which was introduced by the British Raj to keep the tribe calm.

But every first week of April, the tribe gathers in gusto and with pride to celebrate the Aoling Festival, which marks the coming of a new year and of spring season. During this time, members of the tribe wear beautiful and colorful traditional attires, elaborate dances are performed with songs of Konyak tribal folklore, gigantic feasts consisting of ethnic cuisine are held, and to end with, there are endless drinking sessions with the local ‘intoxicating’ rice beer.

This year, we and the Konyaks invite you to come and experience the Aoling. Come to a land which feels faraway and forgotten. By the end, we are sure you will be overwhelmed by the tribal hospitality and that headhunter’s zest. And along the way, you will get to visit Konyak villages, their houses, and learn about a culture that is simple, minimal and sustainable.

More details on this tour can be read here.

Aoling Festival Tour of Konyak Tribe - Nagaland Tourism

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