Alive Is Awesome

This is the last post based on the Alive is Awesome philosophy, introduced by Cinthol to promote outdoor bathing adventures, and is the source of inspiration for their recently launched personal grooming products for men and women. For the last one month, I have been writing about past experiences and experiences I wish to live. It has been refreshing remembering those fun bathing times of the past, like the cliff jumping days when I was in college, or the nostalgic family picnics near the mighty Brahmaputra River when I was a child. It has also been fun to write about adventures I’ve plans for in the future. Having written about them, I am more certain I will complete them. I have even got the chance to test some of Cinthol’s products, like the soap and deodorant. Though they cannot replace that feeling of being in the great outdoors just like any other material in the world cannot, when combined with a shower, the products do provide a newfound freshness, and inculcate a desire to be outside midst nature. I, for my part, surely recommend trying them out.

Below are three awesome adverts Cinthol has been broadcasting in Indian television. Creative and zesty, these videos are inspiring and promote the spirit of the outdoors.

1. The Village Bath

Many things in life are free; need no money, just a spirit for adventure. The village bath is one such experience. All one needs to do is find a village where life moves slow and easy, find the children, charm them (chocolates should work), and ask them to splash water on you. I’m sure this should be fun. The simple pleasures of life; happy kids, fresh underground water and all the time in the world.

2. The Polar Plunge Bath

This idea is ‘extreme’ and awesome. Plunging in freezing subzero waters of the poles, why not! Though I may be called crazy, but for that few seconds of life, when nature beats me, scares the hell out of me, makes me bow down, I might just find some kind of enlightenment.

3. The Waterfall Bath

This one’s my favorite. I simply adore waterfalls. Feel they are one of almighty’s prettiest wonder on land, like a rainbow across the sky. Many religions and cultures emphasize on waterfalls as paths to higher dimensions and consciousness. The waters’ divine. Plunging into waterfalls can be a beautiful experience. Recently, I stumble upon a waterfall in Mawlynnong and couldn’t resist jumping in the fresh water. Rather than words, the above visual does the perfect job in portraying why bathing in waterfalls is just awesome.

Kudos to the creative team behind these advertisements, for coming up with something different than the usual boring ads that television is used to.

* This post is part of a series showcasing Alive is Awesome experiences for Cinthol.

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