When Under Seawater – Way To Zen

Snorkeling falls under one of those ‘things to do’ in my ever increasing bucket list. This curiosity has amplified after hearing firsthand accounts from friends who have done it. They describe the experience of being under sea water as pulsating and something which is not easy to be described in mere words. It is like drifting in a world which is entirely different from ours, a watery place of perpetual cold silence filled with bright and brilliantly colored fishes and corals. I can only imagine being in a place like that, a colorful paradise where there is no noise of our machine occupied world, neither horns of cars nor the volume of a television or the loud neighbor. My lucky cousin, whose judgment I accept when it comes to the final words for any debatable topic, described the whole experience in simple affirmative words. He had said, “It is spiritual. It is like reaching Zen.”

My top two snorkeling destinations where being Alive is Awesome are –

                 1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora! via www.freehdwallpaper.biz

This little group of islands is too perfect to be believable. It is a book of magic which can only be attained if you have enough excess money in your wallet or if you are ready to spend your life savings. Reached only by sea plane, the islands sit right in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean between Australia and Chile, giving it a charm of being one of the farthest and most isolated land mass in the world. Described by everyone who has ever been to Bora Bora as love at first sight, the islands consist of lush green tropical valleys filled with colorful flora, clear empty beaches and blue water, boutique resorts and spas that float overwater and magnificent underwater life for the snorkeling enthusiast.

                 2. Lakshadweep, India

A resort island in Lakshadweep via www.lakshadweeptourism.nic.in

Everybody in India knows about Lakshadweep, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean about 300 miles away from the southwestern coast of India. With ten inhabited islands, seventeen uninhabited islands attached islets, four newly formed islets and five submerged reefs – Lakshadweep is a ‘dream come true’, away from the crowd and hustle of mainland India. The best beaches and blue waters of the country exist in Lakshadweep, making it an ideal destination for diving under water in a remote corner of the ocean. Tourism in the island is still not very big. There are a few good resorts with rooms that have ocean front views, and are not very expensive. Affordable and exotic, exploring the islands and their tropical secrets will surely be an Alive is Awesome experience.

* This post is part of a series showcasing Alive is Awesome experiences for Cinthol.

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