Trekking in Namdapha National Park – India’s Secret Rainforest

During January 2012, twelve of us embarked on a trek of discovery, to a secret and mighty rainforest located at the southeastern tip of northeastern India, called the Namdapha National Park. It was a beautiful trek where we got to encounter the densest of tropical forests and wild animals. We met fascinating remote tribes who had the kindness to allow us to stay with them, and came across freedom fighters from Burma. And the cream of it all were the campsites,which were totally out of the world.

This short film is a beginners try at audio-video production, made from random clips we managed to capture through our low budget video camera which also was low in memory.

We appreciate your time in watching this effort of ours and we hope you do not mind the quality of the clips. 

P.S – We only wish we had a good camera.

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